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Our Satisfied Customers

THANK YOU! Once again you have come to my rescue. The replacement of the headlight units for my Infiniti at one-third the cost the dealership was going to charge is greatly appreciated! Also, I should mention that after your work on the hood and bumpers last month, my car looks brand new again. The quality of work at Unicar is exceptional. It is always a pleasure dealing with you and your associates.”

Keith G.

“This is just a quick note telling how much I appreciate your excellent work on my Ford T-Bird. Thanks so much for being kind and patient and for making me feel like a valued customer. You truly went the extra mile in repairing the overall damage and the paint problem on the front bumper. Please thank all your workers and secretary who were very nice to deal with. Your people are well trained and are truly a ‘service’ organization.”

Gale T.

Thank you so much for the beautiful work you did on my BMW! In addition, your professional customer service was as always both personable and exceptional.

Rena S.

“You can generally get a sense of how basically employees feel about their jobs by the way they deal with customers. Good customer service I have found generally means that the management has been doing their job and it filters down to the employees. I found your employees to be courteous, kind and attentive which is exceptional in the times we live in. That is a true credit to your company and as a customer it is appreciated.

Thanks for a good job on my car. I’m sure it was hard to match up that ‘Iced Cappuccino’ color in that it is not a common color I’m sure. But the new bumper is nice and the color is very close. I appreciate the good job done, especially in view of the fact my car was barely 2 months old, so it’s nice that the new-ness was maintained.”

Thanks again,
Paula L.

“I just wanted to put in writing what an outstanding job you did on my Subaru. It looks just like new and runs as if nothing ever happened. You could really serve as a model for quality and customer service. I really appreciated your attention to detail...that everything should be exactly right, whether it be the exterior of the vehicle or the mechanical aspects of the job. I will recommend your shop to anyone who finds themselves in the unfortunate situation of being in an accident.”

Wishing you every continued success,
Michael A.